MALE IDENTITY is a French brand for “males” looking for experience and freedom. Much more than a men's fashion brand, it is an attitude, a lifestyle for those who want to get away from the codes and enjoy while staying on top. It is aimed at proud and conquering men who seek performance and resistance. Based on hedonism and simplicity, it advocates a Parisian casualness for those who seek to obtain a better version of themselves by imposing their rules.

The first collection is resolutely modern and masculine. Its wardrobe with bold cuts and sleek design will offer you a natural elegance: timeless must-have with minimalist style and functional details that will accompany you everywhere. For summer or winter, sport, parties or travelling, you will no longer have to look for how to dress. Intense moments where your only goal will be to surpass yourself and live to the fullest.
From creation to design, high expectations are at heart of the development of our products. Each material has been carefully selected, each detail and finish chosen to define MALE IDENTITY as a qualitative brand. Developed in collaboration with two designers, it offers an ideal mix of elegance and practicality to vibrate intensely with peace of mind. We ask our partners and suppliers the same level of exigency . Our products are entirely handcrafted in Portugal from raw materials sourced in Europe. Our factory promotes diversity and respects the charter of fundamental rights of the European Union including LGBT people.

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