With Male Identity, don't wait for us to run after the fast-paced collections. It takes time to create a garment: design of models, choice of materials, prototyping, tests and production. Our first collection was born after 11 months of work.

So take the time to choose your clothes! And as taking the time to consume is also taking the time to live, we are in favor of a more sustainable fashion integrated into slow fashion.



Transparence Male Identity Paris

We wanted to offer a qualitative collection, whose timeless pieces will be reused from year to year.

For the design, we imagined this collection in Paris in collaboration with two designers specialized in men's underwear. This allows us to be sure of our cuts, comfort and our own style.

In France, 70% of the clothes sold are produced in Southeast Asia. We bet on European know-how. Our clothes are handmade in Portugal in a workshop specialized in underwear, bathing and high-end sportswear. The fabrics for underwear and sportswear as well as the elastic bands are produced in Portugal, the fabric of our swimwear comes from Spain. We have carefully selected each material for its quality and its suitability for style and use of the garment.

For our printed fabrics such as Fit 201 and Beach 101, we have chosen sublimation as the printing method, allowing a perfectly faithful rendering of the design and vibrant colors. This technique also makes it possible to have a long service life and excellent resistance to washing, even at high temperature.

We have 100% traceability with our supplier as well as a complete assurance of the origin of raw materials (fabrics, elastic, cords ...) that they use in our production. On the other hand, it is much more difficult to follow the origins of the wire. Indeed, in order to produce a quality fabric and to obtain the desired characteristics, fibers of different origins are often used, which makes traceability more complex.

As you will understand, we are committed to offering good products to break with this culture of fast fashion, neither good for the environment nor for your wallet. For sure, Male Identity will follow you everywhere and for a long time! 



Male Identity marque éthique et durable

We work with a factory which not only respects the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, but promotes equality and respect in particular for LGBT people: an ethical working environment in keeping with our way of life.

In addition, manufacturing in Portugal and sourcing in Europe allows us to limit the carbon footprint of our collection. Our supplier, on its side, has signed the environmental charter of the European Union.

We have finally made the decision to sell mainly online which enables us to reduce the number of intermediaries and thus offer you items at a fair price.




In the future, we will continue to work with the goal of more sustainable fashion by working with materials that are more respectful of the environment.

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