“At the origin of MALE IDENTITY, a common desire to find a wardrobe that suits us. We wanted multifunctional clothing to follow us every day. Summer or winter, sports, holidays or partying, our clothes are thought to be resistant, practical and relevant whatever the moment.”

Clément Briard and Nicolas Coze, founders of the brand.

Imagined in Paris in collaboration with two designers specializing in men's underwear, member of the start-up nation of Station F, MALE IDENTITY comes "out of the closet" in 2020. It offers a range of underwear, sportswear and swimwear. men's bath. It is entirely handmade in Portugal, one of our requirements to offer you quality products. This allows us to better monitor our products and our supplies, as well as reduce our carbon footprint. Our factory also pays particular attention to respecting the charter of fundamental rights of the European Union and in particular those of LGBT people.


n: a modern and functional aesthetic.

The collection has been designed to combine aesthetics and practicality. For this reason the cuts are adjusted, the clean lines, the elegant finishes, the functional details. All for a quality garment to enjoy carefree.

n: a relaxed attitude, a somewhat insolent freedom.

One watchword: easy going! It is only a question of finding clothes to your taste to enjoy everyday life.

n: experiencing something in its reality.

MALE IDENTITY is a brand in which we vibrate. Our clothes are there to make your daily life simple and dynamic: sport for a perfect summer body, a pool party in the sun, an evening or a festival? They have only limits that you impose!

n: which belongs to a social group with common interests.

MALE IDENTITY responds to a lifestyle that everyone is free to adopt. The collections are designed and manufactured with respect for human rights, in particular for the LGBT community. Tolerance and pride are and will remain at the heart of our activity.

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